For the last 15 years, I am helping individuals and businesses to build many websites. However, I did not have my own website. I was thinking and dreaming about building a perfect website for myself but it did not happen. Then it took me less than 15 minutes to build it. What is the secret? I managed to stop all the negative thoughts behind it. I totally ignored what others going to think about my website and stop thinking about the choices I have. Because I know the subject, I have too many choices. I focused or taking the first step. That’s it.

Are you an employee or a business owner? It does not matter. You have unique experiences that you can share with others and log everything you learn and refer to them and refresh your memory. If you can learn something out of your website there will be many other who will benefit from that. I should have started my website six years ago. Now it is too late. Now is the perfect time to start it. Are you with me?

Great, let me show exactly what I did. So, you will not be blown away by the choices you have. Are you with me? Great, then let us start building your website without wasting any more time.

Get the domain name and the server

First thing first, invests and secure your online real estate. That is the domain name and the web server. I am not going to explain what is a domain name web server in this post because I want to minimise the distraction. Follow these 3 simple rules to get your domain name.

  1. Get a .com website
  2. Use your first or the business name only. If it is not available, add initials.
  3. Keep it short as possible.

Let me show you exactly what I did. My name is Sanjaya. So, my preferred domain name is However, it is taken. So, I added my initials so my domain name is Isn’t it simple? Yes, it is so simple. There is no need to go for premium domain names or keyword based domain names.

I choose Bluehost for most of my websites and I highly recommend it. It is affordable, provide a free domain name with most plans and pretty good customer support. You can choose any web hosting solution that is compatible with WordPress.

Start building your website

This is going to be really exciting and simple process. I assume that you don’t have a bluehost account. If you have a bluehost account or any hosting account you are require to create new one. You should be able to utilize them. I am selecting bluehost as it is something I always use to build a website and it has oneclick installation facilities for all the common web application. So, you are not required technical knowledge.

Create the bluehost account

  • Go to and click get started now
  • Select your plan. For personal websites


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I will help you!

This is the second post of this blog and If you are having any trouble trying to setup your website, I am going to provide free help. Please leave a comment or contact me. I will provide 30 minutes of my time free for you.