I have experience in Magento 1 and I am trying to move to Magento 2. Magento 2 totally different from Magento 1. So, Magento 1 experience does not help much. The biggest challenge I am facing is lack of good tutorials in Magento 2 for beginners like me. I always find it easy to understand when I can see a working example. List of files needed to be added or edited makes it easy to debug and check if I have not missed anything. A brief explanation of why each block code or variable exists will help to understand the logic. So far, I could not find all these features in one Magento 2 tutorial. Do not get me wrong there are great tutorials out there. However for a beginner like me always need extra help.

What is my Magento 2 Solution

My solution is quite simple. I am going through Magento 2 tutorials and stack exchange to figure out adding Magento 2 features programmatically. I decided to document each task separately in a git repo and deploy it to Magento 2 instant. Also, give a brief description of my understanding. In that way, I can easily find them when I need it in the future and I think it will help you to learn Magento 2 fast.