Five Things To Do In November 2016

Cannot believe that it is already November and this is the best month to start planning. Yes, always today is the best day to start something. It is always important to organise things and prioritise tasks and focus on them. Why not using my blog to do that. Here are the awesome five things to do in November 2016.

10X Social Media Automation

I am starting to enjoy the 10X Rule. It is quite simple. You will have to pick a something you do or you have done successfully and do it ten times. The last post I have showed you how I successfully automate posting interesting posts to all my social media accounts at peak times. It is time to apply the same concept to 10 more accounts. As we have already simplified the process it is easy to apply to any number of accounts. This is the beauty of 10x rule. It challenges you to find better solutions every time.

Project WB

I cannot tell much details about this project. However, I am so excited about this project. I should release all the information about this project by end of November.

Add Most Recent Projects To TheWebByte

This has a long waited task and also an important task. We did so many interesting web projects but we haven’t put them on our profile page. Without a good profile, it is hard to convert visitors to leads. So, this is super important.

Finish the Total Recall Book By Arnold Schwarzenegger

I started reading the life story of Arnold and this is a must read book. He achieved his dreams one by one with so many difficulties and he always find a way around to get closer to his dream no matter what the situation is. Amazing life story.

Learn how to write effective articles

This is a really important factor for a successful website or blog. Writing original content is not enough for search engine optimisation. It has to be unique, well researched so, that post should not be a common article. So, there are more involve in that. So, this one hell of a big task to find a tool and system to create great articles.

I will update the progress of my five things to do in November as I progress through. Feel free to share any tips or links related to these five things. That will be a great help.


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