Hello world!

Hello World

Hello World!

I am Sanjaya Wickramasinghe and welcome to my blog. I always find it hard to start anything. It is no difference when it comes to this blog. So, I decide to start it with the famous default WordPress blog post “Hello World!“. As a developer, I always start learning new programming language by trying “Hello World” code sample. This is my Hello World blog post. The whole purpose of this website is to make it easier for me to learn new things quickly, log them and refer them again and again easily. You are welcome to use them if you find it interesting and helpful for you. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. If you know better or different ways of doing it share it with me. I am not perfect or I am not the best however, I want to be better everyday.

Who am I?

I was born and raised in a beautiful tropical country, Sri Lanka. Then I moved to Australia for higher studies and stuck in the most livable city in world, Melbourne. I am too lazy and I want to automate things as much as I can. For thirty years, I wanted to do things perfectly and I don’t think I have able to get much done during this time. Now I am out of my comfort zone and ready to fail. This website is a result of that transition. This website is a zero-day launch and not completed and will not be completed.

Never memories something that you can look up. – Albert Einstein

I do remember other people’s passwords but I don’t remember all these names, theory and my own passwords. I always focus on logic and that is my key to surviving. You can always improve your logic and it will never be wrong.

I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants. – A. Whitney Brown

Most of the time I am vegetarian. Sometimes I am vegan and a couple of times I switch to raw-vegan. Sounds boring. Isn’t it? Not for me. It is an amazing journey for me. I have gone through some really interesting experiments. I will share them time to time.

What I do

I am a full-time and part-time web developer. So, you are expected to see code samples, amazing websites, applications and tools more than anything else. Currently, I hustle with PHP based CMS and e-commerce platforms Magento, Joomla and WordPress. However, I used to code C, Java and .NET. I think it is easier to learn or switch to any programming language once you learn one programming language. If you are looking help to build your online presence, I am happy to help you out. Also, I always need your help. Let us start a conversation.

What I am testing

Usually sitting behind a computer and code is fun and exciting for me. That is perfectly in my conform zone. Now I spend more time doing things out my comfort zone. Learn to learn effectively is one of my favourites. Last few months I end up reading more books than I read for thirty years. Reading and learning about finance, marketing, music and food help me to see the world in a different angle. Most important thing is to test what you learn before you reject something. It might work out, it might fail but it does not matter. I will not forget to share all my secret book list and experiments. If you can learn something feels free to learn and do not forget to share your expertise with me.

Thank you!

I would like to thank you all. Special thank goes to my parents, wife, son, relatives and friends for helping me and making my life wonderful place. Thank you!

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