Learn How I Automate Social Media

I got this email saying “9,755 happy Twitter users, courtesy of 3 retweets. Way to go!”, just after automated social media accounts. Updating all my social media accounts consistently by myself was not easy. Some days I over update them and other time I rarely update them. There are so many social media platforms and it is impossible to update all of them manually. Let’s make the impossible possible.


Making the long story short, I love social media but it was really hard to update all the Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest accounts simultaneously. You know how hard it is. Some days I have time and freedom to do that but most of the days I am busy with work, business and my family.

I did not want to reinvent the wheel and I did not want to spend ages to experiment and learn things. The best way to learn something fast is from someone already doing it great. There are a lot of entrepreneurs and business doing social media to pass their message to the public like no others. Guy Kawasaki is an American marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He shows you effective methods that help you to maximise your social media presence effectively. He has a good team and tools behind it. That is the secret. Yes, I need a good team and awesome tools to build my social media campaigns.

I have many projects and businesses that have different budget levels. I have start-ups, growing projects and well-establishes projects. So, I needed a scalable solution. Here is the solution I found. I will show you how to set it up with a zero dollar budget. Yes, zero dollar budget. You can always upgrade it based on your requirements.

All the Social Media Accounts Updated From One Place

First, I need a tool to be able to schedule all the posts and deliver them to all the major social network platforms. In that way, I can spend fifteen to thirty minutes creating all the posts and schedule them for a week or month. How awesome is that? Create a Buffer account and it will let you achieve this instantly. On top of that, Buffer can identify the most effective time to post and it will schedule the post accordingly. You have full flexibility to schedule it. This makes a big difference.

I can already see the results. I can see more views and more interaction I have never seen before in my social media accounts. Another good feature is that browser plugin that will allow you to add amazing things straight to the Buffer schedule. Once you have a Buffer account you do not have to log in to different social media accounts and post individually. I am really excited to use this. No distraction and save a lot of time you can start with zero dollars.

Finds The Best Content For You

The second problem is that some weeks I do not get enough time to produce enough posts. I need a good team to produce hand-curated content. If you can outsource it to a good team then I can save that time. It is always time or money. Quuu is the perfect solution for this. They provide hand-curated content for your social media. You can select categories and it will provide content. Quuu works perfectly with Buffer. Did I mention that you can start this with zero dollars as well? Yes, it is free to start with.

This is the perfect combination. Quuu provides perfect content for Buffer account to schedule it and post it to multiple social media accounts as your preference. You can start this with zero dollars and scale up as you grow. Do not forget to add your own content to give a personal touch.

Take Action Time

Automate social media accounts today. And it is time to make them rock. If you have any question or better suggestions share it with me.


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